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River Photos

If you love beautiful remote waterfall shots and tepid deadly rapids rushing by while you lose your breath watching, than you'll make sure to bookmark this page and return soon.

I'm on a trek right now, to shoot the mountain streams of backwoods New Hampshire. Where black bears feed on brook trout and moose with tracks as big as a dinner plate and eyes like bowling balls, only come out at night.

I Say stop by often because this is the first of many such adventures I'm embarking on this summer. I'd like to take you all along so I'll have someone to talk to when I get back.

See Y'all soon!

Higher in the mountains and deeper in the woods.
Lunch break was a blast sitting on the edge of this source stream. As it emptied the spring melt down the mountain, passing it ever so gently to it's older and larger sibling rivers below.

I thought to myself, this is where you get to see the water before man's hand has touched it's purity. Not one bit of filtration, other than what nature has provided and I swear this is the beverage of gods.

Not very much of this water will ever make it to be consumed by humans, before it gets polluted and cleaned at least a few times along the way. You have to be one of the lucky ones like me.

You have to take the path unshaken by treading human traffic. It can be a difficult trek and some just won't be up for the trip. You'll have to fill your canteen for them and take them something they may never get to enjoy otherwise.

If you can make the trip to the back woods of New Hampshire, make sure you bend to drink the water that these spring fed mountain streams deliver to your feet. You'll seldom get another chance to enjoy something so pure in it's natural state.

See you on the next stop 
I'll try to bring you back a jug.