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Monday, March 19, 2012

"The Flume"

A natural wonder in its own right "The Flume"

Finding your way northward to the very tip of the state, you'll find one of the most beautiful waterfalls in existence. This billowing cavernous wash of liquid flows across solid granite. 

With an ear swelling vibrating roar of a voice as it crashes into a crystal pool at the bottom, this flow will end up racing down into small towns where it will supply drinking water for thousands of New Hampshire residents. 

They're proud folk and who wouldn't be. Getting our water right from "God himself", as pure as the day it was squeezed form the Granite of "The Flume"

Sunday, March 18, 2012

New Hampshire Mountain Streams Offer Great Trout Fishing For Lunch - InfoBarrel

Native American Rainbow trout
New Hampshire Mountain Streams Offer Great Trout Fishing For Lunch - InfoBarrel

This is an article about the great state of New Hampshire's fishing opportunities, complete with a rustic recipe for rainbow trout just like this one. Take a read along and learn how they cook em down by the river. you won't be sorry you did. next time your down the creek snap a shot and send it along to us. We'll post it right up on "Hydration Station"

Friday, March 16, 2012

Lost River Gorge Lincoln New Hampshire

If you've never ventured into the white mountains of New Hampshire, you've not only missed the wonder that is the Presidential Range, you've also missed out on another smaller wonder.

A little bit west of Mt. Washington. Across the Kangamangus highway, you'll travel into the mountains. The road will wind you up as you take it half way across this stretch of majestic wilderness. At the top you can rest. Take in the scenic overview and be sure to have a camera with you because the view will surely be indescribable.

After a nice rest you'll continue across the just under fifty mile road, until you pass through a little ski town called Lincoln New Hampshire. This is the home to Loon mountain, which draws skiers from across the globe.

It's six miles up the old road after you cross route three. The picture above is from a favorite spot of both tourists and the local population. You'll find ample parking and amenities to relax at the end of the long ride over the mountains.

Don't rest too long, it's time to tackle the multitude of rustic stairways and walks. You'll travel through a mirage of paths and across wooden foot bridges, through the absolute heart of this swift moving river.

Ancient Glaciers carved the caverns and caves you'll pass through. Waterfalls will help turn one unbelievable image into a totally different view, as you pass around, or under them. Yes I said under them as the best ones fall right over the top of your pass. The water will roar by you at times and quietly sizzle past you at others.

The views once again, are almost surreal. The height differential throughout the walk of the fast moving river, as well as different widths and depths, changes the speed of the river as you go along and it really is quite a day to remember. Again a camera is a necessity.

You'll wish to remember your day at the one and only place in the world like this. You can get directions if you search for the name.

Lost River, Lincoln New Hampshire

There now it's not lost anymore.
Have fun!

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